I have a large number of images of various sizes, and I need to create
their thumbnails of size 100x100.  So I want to run GIMP for every
JPEG image:

for i in *.jpg; do gimp $i; done

For every image I want to:
  1. open the "Set Image Canvas Size" dialog box,
  2. unlock the aspect ratio for Canvas Size,
  3. set the width to 200,
  4. set the height to 200,
  5. lock the aspect ratio for Canvas Size,
  6. ask GIMP to give me control, so that I can:
     * move the selection box around,
     * change the selection box size,
     * click "Resize",
  7. scale the image to 100x100,
  8. save the image,
  9. quit.

I think I'll have to use the batch mode, but can I ask GIMP to pass me 
control to perform step #6?


Ireneusz (Irek) Szczesniak

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