On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 23:53 -0500, Don wrote:
> http://gimpology.com/submission/view/how_to_outline_text/
> At step 3, I got lost, because "Create Path from Text" isn't available
> to me.

There is a button in the Tool Options dialog labeled "Create Path from
Text".  This will be visible as long as the Text tool is the active tool
in the Toolbox.
> Another one here:
> http://www.obscurasite.com/artstuff/tutorials/gimp-text-outline/
> I got lost at the 2nd step, because pressing the right mouse button on
> the image does not give me the so-called "Dialogs -> Layers&Channels"
> menu options.

Layers and Channels were split into separate dialogs, I believe in 2.6,
and the dialogs menu moved as well.  You can now find those by looking
under Windows->Dockable Dialogs, where you'll find separate menu entries
for Channels and Layers.

> Also, the tiny little button the author mentions under Add Some Color
> section does'nt seem to be available to me for my version.

That button is still there but it's more to the left side of the dialog
than in the version shown in the tutorial you reference.  In 2.6 the
"Keep Transparency" button is labeled "Lock:" in the Layers dialog.
Next to this is a button that, when clicked, shows a check mark.  Next
to that is a small square that represents "transparency" (checkered gray
squares).  The small square is just there to tell you that those items
are for "Keeping Transparency" for the currently active layer.

Many people get lost looking for that button.  I find it to be one of
the harder items to identify when writing tutorials.

> One more at:
> http://gimp-tutorials.net/outlinetext
> I got lost at Step 6, because "Alpha to Selection" is grayed out and
> thus I cannot select it.

If it's grayed out then that means the currently active layer does not
have any transparency in it.  Make sure the layer that has transparent
areas is the active layer.

Also, right clicking to get to this menu may cause the menu's context to
be the visible layer at the point of the mouse click.  So if you click
on the canvas window over the white background instead of the red text
you may be attempting to apply the alpha to selection to the background.
Confusing, I know, but it's a nice shortcut when you get familiar with
using GIMP.  

IMHO, tutorials should be written using menu options and specific
dialogs and should not reference the right mouse click for menu trick
because that is an advanced method that can cause a lot of confusion.
There are lots of advanced tricks with menus, like tearing them off for
quick access.  If you use those tricks the tutorial should mention that
the intended audience is already familiar with basic GIMP usage via
menus and dialogs.

> Maybe I am doing something wrong or maybe I am having bad luck in
> picking up tutorials that are targeting at a different version of
> Gimp.

More than likely they're just old tutorials or perhaps just not well
written.  The only real problem with using an old tutorial is finding
where features have moved to or been relabeled in the latest release.
In the end, however, the features are still there that were there all
the way back to version 2.0, plus quite a bit more.  It can take some
time finding your way around, though.

Good luck.

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