On Friday 13 February 2009, Helen wrote:
> Thanks Owen and Joao -- I've tried the curve bend and the Iwarp -- both
> would probably
> be useful in more skilled hands.
> And the tutorial is a good one too -- but I really want a full page that
> has a slight
> curve, like, you know if you were to take a sheet of typing paper, roll it
> briefly around
> a cylinder such as a paper-towel cardboard roll, and then turn it loose --
> and now the
> entire page would have a slight curl.  Not just a corner, but the whole
> page.  I'm
> thinking there probably is not such a filter and I may have to do something
> creative
> that I haven't thought of yet!
> Thanks so much for the ideas though.
> Helen
Hi Elen,

I have recently written a script that has "curve bend" as its main actor. It 
is made to create exactly the look you are describing, but after "slicing" 
the image in several rectangles - so the final image apppears to be a photo 
of several printed photos forming a loose mosaic over a background layer.

Please take  a look at "photo-mosaic"  at www.gimpstuff.org , and check if it 
could fit your needs. (You can set it for a 1x1 mosaic after all)

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