On Tue, 2009-02-17 at 14:03 +0200, Chris Szabó wrote:

> I really hope you can help me! I originally downloaded GIMP version 2,
> with the help manual, and it worked really well. Then came GIMP 2.4,
> and I got that. I also downloaded the Help manual. BUT, I couldn't get
> it to work with the program, or even separately. 
> Two days ago I decided to do everything I could to get the help info.
> 1.  I went to the online version. Problem is, I have a dial-up
> connection, so this isn't an option.
> 2.  I found http://docs.gimp.org/ and downloaded the file.It is
> gimp-help-2.4.2.tar. This one I couldn't open, nor could I get it to
> work with the GIMP program in any way.
> 3. After a lot more trawling, I came to GIMPUserManual PDF. "Now, I
> thought, I've got it!" BUT, although it looks like a .zip file, it
> isn't, and ZIP won't open it.
> So, here I sit with two downloaded Help Manuals, but can't even open
> them!

It would help a lot if you told us what operating system you are using.


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