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> Quoting Claus Cyrny <claus.cy...@web.de>:
> > I'm currently trying to write a Script-Fu (actually
> > my first one), but although I found several online
> > tutorials on how to go about, I'm still not sure of
> > the proper syntax for most of the steps I would like
> > the script to perform.
> I've included an attachment (plain text) which contains some of code  
> fragments which correspond with the steps you described (your steps  
> are the lines starting with ";-" ). I left out the standard stuff such  
> as registering your script, declaring your variables, and handling UNDO.


I'm new with scripts-fu too. I've had an eye to your script and I saw a lot of 
" (set! ".
I thought that it doesn't work any more with TinyScheme.
(cf. http://www.gimp.org/docs/script-fu-update.html)


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