vicky aur wrote:
> Hi all,
> How do I make a photograph to look like this?

This example is actually a vector drawing. Taking into
account that you're new to Gimp, I would  rather suggest
using a vector graphics program such as Inkscape (you can
download the latest version from
You can import the  photograph in question into Inkscape [via
<CTRL> + I] and draw "over" it using Inkscape's curve tools. I
usually make a  second layer for the drawing and make this
semi-transparent [via the "Layers" menu]. This way,  you still
see the photograph on the bottom layer. When you're finished
drawing, all you have to do is, to delete the photograph, make the
second layer fully opaque again, select the drawing you made
[<CTRL> + A] and export the drawing as a PNG [<CTRL> <SHIFT> + E].



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