>> I was scanning a lot of colour transparencies, some taken up to 40 years
>> and found that in some cases the colours had deteriorated badly.  After a
>> of experimenting I have developed an automatic way of improving the
>> scans using gimp.  I have put a technical article, the gimp plug-in, and
>> collection of the good and bad results at
>> www.lionhouse.plus.com/photosoftware/restore. I would be interested in
>> from anyone who has worked on this problem and if you try the plug-in let
>> know how it works for your pictures.
>Although your maths is way above my head your results are most
>impressive. I have worked with old colour transparencies most of which
>are Kodak processed and have been stored in relatively good conditions.
>They were copied using an attachment to my digital camera and processed
>using UFRaw and Gimp. I will be happy to try your plug-in especially if
>it will work with RAW images. Please let me know which is the best to
>use JPEG or RAW.
I have no experience of UFRaw.  If you can get your images into gimp my
plug-in should work.  I have just changed it to remove the saving of debug
data.  I will be interested in your experience.

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