>I was scanning a lot of colour transparencies, some taken up to 40 years
>and found that in some cases the colours had deteriorated badly.  After a
>of experimenting I have developed an automatic way of improving the digital
>scans using gimp.  I have put a technical article, the gimp plug-in, and a
>collection of the good and bad results at
>www.lionhouse.plus.com/photosoftware/restore. I would be interested in
>from anyone who has worked on this problem and if you try the plug-in let
>know how it works for your pictures.
Thanks for all the interest.  By publicizing my plug-in I hope that: (1)
people with faded slides will be able to restore them, (2) that it will be
possible to improve the method by input from others and (3) if (2) happens
someone will take up the task of improving the coding so that the plug-in can
be distributed more widely.

I think that we should keep general discussion of this topic in this forum,
so that everyone can join in, but it would be useful if there was a single
collection of sample images, with commentary and perhaps carefully considered
reviews of the conclusions made from them.  I am happy to put these on my
website along with my own examples.  My email is geo...@plyus.cozm (delete the
x y and z to get the correct address and avoid my getting spam).  Please keep
the file size down, the pictures will only be viewed on a webpage.  Also be
selective about what you send; images similar to existing ones are not very
useful, but examples of good restorations of very poor originals are of
interest as are failures of the method.  It is probably also better if any
very technical discussions are done by email.
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