On Wednesday 25 February 2009, zhangwe...@realss.com wrote:
> Hello. Is there a feature in gimp that behave like inkscape, where a
> text layer (in Inkscape an object or a group of object) can have some
> clone text layers. 

No, (linked) clones are not available in GIMP (yet?), maybe in one or two 

> I need this feature because I have an illustration where a word appeared
> multiple times. I need to change this word from time to time. But I have
> about 12 layers with the same word, doing the same text change to 12
> layers from time to time look stupid. In Inkscape it would be easier.

If you work a lot with texts and if changing the text is the last step in your 
workflow, maybe those steps are easier in Inkscape anyway?  Or you could try 
and write a script that changes the text of all text layers in the same way, 
I think that should be possible at least in theory.

Sorry if I couldn't help you more,

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