Doug wrote:
> wrote:
>> >>>  For the moment  I use the following work-around: I have the help 
>> files
>> (which are in html) installed at a known point on my system, and I have
>> my web browser set to open them as a file on the local machine. When I
>> run into an issue which necessitates my consulting the helpd files, I
>> open the help files in my browser.        ns  <<<
>> Hello Noel,
>> I know I can access the manual on line, but would rather not (see my 
>> previous post to Doug).  I don't understand the workaround you 
>> describe...  I really do not know that much, technically, about 
>> computers.  But if you have them installed on your "local system" 
>> (hard drive?) why would you need to access them on line?  Or maybe 
>> the question is... if you access the manual on line via your browser, 
>> why go to the trouble of installing them anywhere else?  Sorry for 
>> the questions... but I really don't want to remain computer ignorant 
>> forever.
>> Rebecca
> Rebecca,
> Someone else will have to give you specific instructions for Windows 
> XL, but in general terms you read the Help document with your internet 
> browser  - you just  set it to look at a file instead of at a website.
> With Firefox, for instance, click on File , then Open File, then 
> follow it to where you've installed Help.
> For Internet Explorer the procedure will be very similar. In XL you 
> can probably drag the Help files onto the desktop  for it to leave an 
> icon on the desktop as a shortcut.
> I expect someone will correct these steps for you.
> Doug
P.S. Of course, this way the Help tab on Gimp won't work, but at least 
you'll be able to read the Help Manual whenever you need it

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