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> I've writed some script-fu and I want to know how can I rewrite it for
> multi-language, exactly said, for two-language.
> Of course I can write it by separated files, but it bothered me when I
> need to rewrite the script.
> Is there any document about it?

There are probably people better qualified to answer your questions,  
and I may even be giving bad advice; however, my understanding is that  
you should mark strings in your script which you want translated with  
an underscore.

_"this text should be translated"

Such text strings will then be handled, not by GIMP itself, but by  
GLIB based on the user's LOCALE setting. Of course, a translated  
substitute must be provided and that should be coordinated with the  
translation team for the language which you wish to have supported.

A list of the translation teams for various languages is available at  
http://l10n.gnome.org/teams/ . If you contact the appropriate team for  
your language, they should be able to provide much better guidance.

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