>It would be useful if the slider range could be altered, especially to
>be able to go below 0.7. I am not a programmer and, therefore, I do not
>know if this is possible or how complicated it is but, if it can be
>done, I would love to be able to try the effect.
The "degree of restoration" is designed to be 1.0 according to the
mathematics in my technical notes but I have found that for some images the
resulting colours become a bit too garish, hence the slider.  I had not
expected values below 0.7 would be useful but the default range can be changed
in the line  (PF_SLIDER, "contrast", "Degree of Restoration",  1.0, (0.7, 1.2,
0.1) ), near the end of the file.

My apolgies to Doug - I got my email address wrong (I never use this one), it
is geo...@lionhyouse.pzlus.com (delete the xyz)

I will look at your examples and also find out why some crash the program; I
have not had this.
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