ajtiM wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a photo with one big bloom and on the uper side of the photo and on 
> ther right side I have some leaves and bloms which I want to remove and 
> replace with the background of the photo.
> I did try with the clone tools and with the healing tool but it is no good. 
> Also copy part of the bacgrond and paste doesn't work.
> What is the best method for my case, please.

 From my POV, there is not enough information to answer the question, as 
you've not provided [a link to] the image in question, and in my 
experience, the "best method" is rather image specific (that is, what 
might be the best method for one image might not be the best method for 
another image, even though the two images might seem highly similar.)

May I recommend visiting your local library, and borrowing (through 
interlibrary loan if need be) a copy of one of the editions of Akkana 
Peck's book, /Beginning GIMP - From Novice to Professional/, which 
devotes considerable space to demonstrating various techniques for doing 
what you wish. If I interpret the headers of your email correctly, it 
seems to originate from the US state of Wisconsin, and there are a half 
dozen copies held by various libraries around the state.  I note that 
the website of the publisher, Apress, includes chapter 2 of the second 
edition ("Improving Digital photos" as a book extra on it's website 

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