> So if/when I upgrade GIMP to some future 2.6 release, those
> scripts and plugins
> will be found just as they are now with 2.6.4?

depend on how you added them

basically there 1 most dumb but easy way , easier  mostly on Windows, that is 
dump new scripts to be installed just in the script folder in C:Program 
That seems more easy,but is also the most dumb :
in this case scripts will be deleted when upgrading gimp

Then there is 2 other smarter 2 way, 
1 ) collect script in new folders, link from preference 


2) drop new scripts in your PERSONAL  script folder, that ,in windows XP gimp 
offer you in C: Document and Settings/gimp/ script.
(for VISTA almost the same C :Users/.gimp/ script )

Both of those 2 "smarter " methods preserve add on script when upgrading, the 
dumbest not.(also for that is the dumbest)

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