I have been stuggling with this task for a while myself. When you clever
ones nut it out, please publish a "Fade an Image to transparent" and "fade
an image to white" tutorial "for complete idiots" (aka me)

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json wrote:
> Hi there everyone,
> Quite a while ago, I used a tutorial on GUG for fading an image to
> transparency, which I wanted to use as the top of a web page background.
> clarification, you can look here at the image:
> http://personal.schwim.net/images/share/snowflake_background.jpg
> I'm trying to do the same thing now, but with grass to green.  The problem
> I'm having is that I can't remember how I did it and GUG went the way of
> spam farm :)
> I remember it was two layers, one with transforming black to transparent
> the midline, using gaussian(I think) blur to soften the line of
> and then overlaying, but I can't remember the details enough to reproduce
> Does someone know of an alternate location for the tutorial that I need or
> maybe more detailed instructions leading to the same end?

Those are basically two layers: On the bottom layer there's the blue (in 
your case,
green) gradient, the snowflakes are on a transparent second layer. To 
achieve the
transitional effect, apply a black-to-white gradient as a layer mask to 
the snowflakes
layer ('Layers > Add Layer Mask', with the default setting; then apply 
the black-to-white
gradient to this layer, and as a third step, 'Apply Layer Mask'. 
Finally, merge the two
layers with 'Flatten Image' or CTRL+M (Merge Visible Layers). That's 
basically it.



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