Dason wrote:
> I found the following script:
> ;; tile2anim.scm -*-scheme-*-
> (let*
> (
> (theWidth)
> (theHeight)
> (theCols)
> (theRows)
> (theCol)
> (theRow)
> (theImage)
> (theLayer)
> (framePos)
> (tmpLayer)
> )

The main problem I see is you are using variables in the binding portion of 
the let* block but did not provide an initial value for those variables.

See my notes about updating Script-Fu scripts at:

BTW, it is usually better to include a URL to the original script instead of 
including it in an e-mail when posting to a mailing list. Not too big a deal 
this time as the script wasn't that long.



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