Running GIMP 2.6.4 under Windows XP, on a machine with two user 
partitions, both with access to the same installation of GIMP. Somehow 
just recently, running the installation of GIMP as one user, the GIMP 
toolbox, and the Layers-channels-paths-undo dialog boxes do not generate 
file buttons on the Toolbar, that is, when I launch GIMP I see a single 
button, even though the main GIMP window, the toolbox, and the dialog 
box all open on the desktop. When running as another user, when I launch 
GIMP, I still see the behavior I am accustomed to, that is, at launch, I 
see the main window, the toolbox, and the Layers - channels - pahts - 
undo dialog dock.

It seems most likely to me that somehow without realizing it, I managed 
to change a user preference somehow in the one user, but if the 
documentation shows where or how I managed to do this, I cannot find it, 
and I don't see anything obvious when I open the user preference dialog 
that seems to me to why the same copy if GIMP works differently in the 
two areas.

Since I hadn't yet done so, I upgraded my GIMP to 2.6.5, and see that 
the different appearances in the two users persisted despite the upgrade.

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