I am designing lightscriibe disk covers and high contrast is required.  I'm
designing on Gimp 2.6.3 and as of this point I am doing my Text  Along Path,
as per the most offered tutorial.

The problem is that on a white background ff ff ff and for the contrast use
Absolute Black, 00 00 00.  When I used the Text Along Path it placed a ghost
of my text there and step six or the tutorial, add new layer and use paint
bucket to fill, does nothing to color my text, just the outline is there and
will not print, nor is it in the saved png.

The only method I have come up with is to create each letter with the Text
tool, one at a time.  Having the letter I then need to move it into place and
to rotate it until it fills the outline and it is just to difficult to

I have found a Photo Shop template of circle text where both the top and the
botom have the text pointed up and running left to right but I cannot figure
out how to edit it.
Bill T.
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