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Subject: [Gimp-user] Clone tool etc.


A friend has downloaded GIMP 2.2 Debian onto my ASUS 900 eee Linux

I've been playing with it a bit to get familiar.  I cannot get several
of the tools to work. For example, when I click on the clone tool and
try to use it on an image, when I move the mouse to the image, the clone
tool has a 'forbidden' sign (circle with bar) above it, and I cannot use

Truthfully, I had GIMP downloaded to my little laptop so I could make
basic manipulations to images:  brightness/contrast, cropping/clone tool
work, and now I can't get the clone tool to work!  Is it possible the
program was not properly installed?

Can someone please help?  If I have to download something, spell it out
for me, please....   :<)
If I have to reinstall it, please tell me what I have to type to do so.
The package itself is already in my computer (my friend used it to
install, but maybe not correctly??)

Thank you.

Jon Crowe
Software Developer
Tel: 0844 324 1000

DDI: 0844 324 1127


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