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> A friend has downloaded GIMP 2.2 Debian onto my ASUS 900 eee Linux system.
> I've been playing with it a bit to get familiar.  I cannot get   
> several of the tools to work. For example, when I click on the clone  
>  tool and try to use it on an image, when I move the mouse to the   
> image, the clone tool has a 'forbidden' sign (circle with bar) above  
>  it, and I cannot use it.
> Truthfully, I had GIMP downloaded to my little laptop so I could   
> make basic manipulations to images:  brightness/contrast,   
> cropping/clone tool work, and now I can't get the clone tool to   
> work!  Is it possible the program was not properly installed?

The problem is that the clone tool requires that you specify what it  
is you wish to clone. You do this by holding down the CTRL key while  
pointing the brush at the region to be cloned (which can be on a  
different layer or image). After specifying the source to be cloned,  
activate the layer which you wish to paint on (if necessary) and paint  
as usual.

The default behavior is to have the source region "track" the motion  
of your brush, but other options are available. Experimentation is  

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