>Hi everyone. I was working with GIMP 2.6.4 on windows XP when I managed to
>blunder away my toolbar tab from the tool box. I figured out how to open
>dialog but it absolutely refuses to re-dock with my toolbox window and I
>hoping someone would walk me through the process. 
>I see the little triangle on the dialog and when I open it and click dock,
>does nothing. I have tried installing Gimp 2.6.5 and reinstalling 2.6.4 but
>each time the dialog is seperate from the toolbox.
>Thank you for taking the time to read my request!

It is a bit difficult in the first time when you loose the tool options - but
it is really easy if you understand how docking in GIMP works. I made a
screenshot to better show the process:


you've to open up Windows / Dockable Dialogs / Tool Options first to view the
options - then drag them to the tools window. You HAVE TO click and move the
bold text title - in my case this is "Move". Hope that helps.

Bernhard S.
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