Carusoswi wrote:
> I had her email me the xcf file which I opened in
> GIMP 2.6 on my machine.  We constructed the template with the rulers showing
> inches, but on my machine, they are showing something else (I don't know
> what).  


The unit of the rulers is the same as the unit in the bottom of the
image window, in the left part of the statusbar.

The unit you used to display the image is not saved to the file, so when
you open the file on another computer (or the same computer) the unit of
the window will default to pixels. One could argue that the unit used to
display the file should be saved, but it is not trivial to solve since
one image can be shown using different units in different image windows.

In any case, to show the rulers in inches on your machine, just change
the unit in the statusbar to inches.

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