Here's what I have so far, feel free to comment of give suggestions oh how to
make it better. I tried to make it Very basic so anyone could do it. Btw I
wanted to add it to the tutorials page But couldn't figure out how.

Let's begin:
1. Find any image, any size, I will use a fish!
Ok so I have only one layer the fish, it's some coral in the Background, but
it's not blue enough!

2. Adding blue.
Sure you could just colorize or use a screen but let's use a lava layer;
For Gradient select Horizon2, you can leave the other settings alone.

3. Using the blue as a tint, now I know I said I wasn't going to use screen
mode, but I lied, go ahead and click on the "lava layer" and in the box under
the word "layers" is "mode" set mode to screen using the dropdown box.
Now it looks kind of funny, so set opacity to something around 30.

4. Merge
Right click on the "lava layer" and select "merge down"
Now the two images become one

5. Waves
Go to filter>animation>rippling
And set the strength to 1.0
And edge method to smear
Ad set frames to what ever you want
Click ok
Wait a bit for it to finish.
Then you should have as many layers as you set the frames to.

6. Prievw
To watch your animation
Go to filters>animation>playback
And click Play! You can close the play back window when you're ready to

7. Saving, well you could save it as a Gimp Image, but if you want to put it
on the web or email it to a non GIMPst
You need to export it to ether an AVI or An animated Gif.

You may need a plug-in for exporting to AVI, but if you want to save it as an
animated gif,
File>save as
And click "select by file type" and find gif image
A .gif should appear at the end of your file name;
If not put one there.

Make sure you tell it to "SAVE AS ANAMATION"
And Don't Select Convert to grayscale

And set time between frame to 10 milliseconds

And use delay entered for all frames.
And check the interlaced box 

Now open it in IE or something, and BAM! Moving water.
david M.
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