howe.ste...@gmail.com (2009-03-25 at 1353.01 -0700):
> Howdy,
> I'm making a mosaic. I've used gimp to
> strip out extraneous background artifacts
> posterize the picture down to a sixteen colors.
> separated the colors onto different layers.
> Now I'd like to know either by area (cm, or inch) or percentage of the 
> picture each of the colors (so I can figure out how much tile I'll need).
> I don't see an obvious function such a calculation tool for this. Is 
> there one and if so, can someone point me to it?

Histogram can be used to count pixels. So make sure the alpha of each
layer is sharp, select the alpha channel in histogram drop down and
select the right most bar(s). If you have sharp edges, it should be
just a spike on the left for all transp pixels and another in the
right for opaque ones (play with log vs linear setting if needed), if
you have partially transp pixels, they will appear as spikes in the
middle of the graph.

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