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> I am very very new to Gimp and graphic design.  I think this is very
> basic, but don't know the professional terminology.
> Please take a look at the following picture, 
> http://www.peteconstant.com/assets/images/Web-Banner-Raw3-Dan1.jpg
> You can see that different pictures are mixed into this web banner,
> and they don't have a clear edge between them, in other words, where
> they get joined, the color gets blurred.  I am sure this is easy and
> very very basic, but don't know how to google out since I don't know
> what this technique is called (I think this is an area which google
> needs to work on, i.e., how do I google if I don't know what a
> concept/entity is called).

Not tested:

Supose you have image_left and image_right
Create a new image same height, double width.
add two layers to it, set color to transparency.
copy/paste left image to the left of one layer.
copy/paste right image to the right of the other layer, overlaping a
small portion.
add layer mask to both layers
fill the layer mask of each layer with:
white where it has the image, black where there is the image in the
other layer, gradient from white to black where two images overlaps.

Hope this helps

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