>Fairly new to GIMP, and I was wondering, what is the easiest way to create a
>lipstick mark, an outline of lips?

David M.
hmm, you could try Getting an image of actual lips (Google search)
cut out everything but the lips;
rotate the image(if you need to)
Colors>colorize(adjust to get a Really Bright red)
image>transform>Flip Horz... (to make it look like lips were pressed against a 
Filter>blur>blur (optional* you don't have to, only if you have a really Hi REs 
now go to Filters>enhance>sharpen
and use a big number like 78, but not to big
now duplicate the layer with the lips
and now click on the farthest down(lowest) layer
then go to  colors>Desaturate
and click "lightest" and "ok"
now click on the "top layer" (heights up)
click the "drop down box" next to mode grain merge;
then hit Ctrl+M to merge all visible layers;
click "expand as nessasary" and "merge"
And that's it! Done!
ready to paste on a mirror or note or what ever(I watch too much tv)

Whell that the best I can do;
I have been using gimp for less than a year; so
may someone else can make it look better.
Have A Nice day!

the one I made:

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