* Maureen <emaure...@msn.com> [03-28-09 17:56]:
> Gimpshop keeps crashing on me before I even get started. It gives me an
> error message about not being able to set up a font and then terminates. I
> have installed it again, but still no luck. How do I get around this so I
> can use the product?

Not supported here.  I suggest you try gimp.

for help w/gimpshop, try:  http://www.gimpshop.com/contact.shtml
                      or:  http://www.gimpshop.com/forum

ps:  If you expect help, it would behoove you to include some
information about your operating system, its version and the version
of the software you are trying to use and any other tidbits that you
believe might help identify your problems.  Most of the existing
crystal balls quit working in 1980.

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