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> How do I put together a graphic that has part of it animated and part not? I
> have started with an animated .GIF file, added a .JPEG file to it and then
> saved it as an animated file. This makes the .JPEG file blink on and off
> while the other animation is running. For instance, I have put text on top
> of an animation, but I don't want the text to be animated. How do I do this?

So you want the text to appear in every frame of the animation, i.e.
every layer of the GIF image. I assume your frames are in replace mode.
Thus you need to copy the text on every frame. If the number of frames
is not very high, it is only a matter of a few click:

1 place the text layer at the bottom of the layer stack, just above the
2 duplicate the text layer;
3 merge the bottom layer of the pair just built with the underlying
4 move up the remaining text layer by one layer;
5 go back to step 2 until you are at the top layer.

If there are a lot of frames in your animation, using the GAP plugin
would be better.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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