>The instructions on how to get Python to work are in the FAQ:

First of all, thanks for the replies.  I followed the link, read the
instructions, downloaded the files, installed them (ran the .exe files), and
now, I have a menu item under filters called Python-fu.  That, I would say, is
progress.  When I explore to the python folder, there are a bunch of python
files in there.  However, I do not see any evidence of Python scripts in my
Gimp application.  I cannot, for instance, find that publish to web item in
any of my menu drop down lists.  

I thought I had previously installed that plugin, and I just now unzipped the
downloaded file and placed the contents, plubishr and a folder named libpub
that contains six more python files and three folders.  Pasting that folder
doesn't feel right to me, but, there must be a reason the zip file is packaged
the way it is (six files, then more files and folders inside the libpub

The instructions, I am sure, are more than adequate for some computer types,
but this old geezer, while confident he is headed in the general direction of
the goal, is confident only that he continues to zig-zag along the path

Additional advice would be most appreciated.

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