On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 2:07 AM, Carusoswi <for...@gimpusers.com> wrote:
> Did I do something wrong here? Yesterday, I posted a message stating that I
> had, indeed, succeeded in making the ruler show inches instead of pixels or
> whatever.  For some reason, that message has not shown up on the thread.  In
> any event, turning off the dot to dot did the trick for the ruler in a new
> file, but I remain puzzled as to why I cannot get the file that I created on
> my daughter's computer, where Gimp's ruler was already showing inches, to open
> showing inches on my machine (we emailed that file to transfer it from her
> machine to mine).

Yes, you did do something wrong. You used the gimpusers 'gimp-user'
forum, which is a officially disapproved, bastardized interface to the
real gimp-user mailing list. That forum (and the other mailing-list
interface forums available there) is unreliable, troublesome, and was
created in direct contradiction to the wishes of the GIMP developers.
In particular, people on the forum have found messages posted here on
the gimp-user mailing list sometimes do not appear in the forums.
Perhaps that also includes some posts made from the forums.

Please switch from using the gimpusers.com forums to a subscription to
the genuine mailing list. It will be much more reliable for both you
and us.




PS. Actually, I thought we'd already addressed this issue of ruler
units; at least I remember a reply quite like Oliviers.
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