Hi David,

If convenient, please advise me of the bug number on this so that I can
track it.  Thank you very much.

Related to the "bug", I hope you also noted the problem that there is no
Preferences option of using "black" as the default for newly created images.

You said...
> BTW, floating before rotating is NOT how I would do this.

Please share your reasons why you would not do that.  It seems perfectly
logical now that I know it is possible, and it seems to be _exactly_ the
method/result I wanted without all the other mucking around.

(All the other mucking around [alpha channel, add layer, etc.] may seem
simple to Gimpers, but please do it 10,000 times and then tell me how
you feel about it -- We have so far scanned & edited over 50,000 such
images in Photoshop and have more than double that number yet to go.)

I _really_ appreciate your mention of Select...Float -- that is exactly
the needed answer IMHO.


On 04/01/2009 12:07 AM, David Gowers wrote:
> Hi Jay,
> I can confirm this -- except that I always get black, rather than
> always getting white.
> I've just filed a bug report for it.
> In the meantime, you should be able to work around this by floating
> the area (select->Float) before rotating.
> No complex procedures are required, nor any particular redundancy.
> This should be pretty easy to fix -- pretty high chances of seeing it
> in the next 2.6.x release.
> BTW, floating before rotating is NOT how I would do this. Instead, I would
> Hope this helps!
> David

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