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> Hi there. Thanks for allowing me to join this forum. I have been using Gimp
> for some time, but now that I have got as far as printing out some of my work
> I have come across a snag.
> I could not understand why the print was so much darker than the image on the
> monitor. Having scanned the help files in Gimp, I find the information, that
> this is because the monitor is showing the image in RGB,but the actual
> printout is in CMYK.
> I am wrestling with the logic of this and failing to comprehend why it should
> be. I am hoping that there is a way of resolving this tremendous mis-match. Is
> there any Gimp knowledgeable member out there who could fill me in on the way
> to overcome this difference? I sure hope so. Many thanks. cypher000

Please first mention what version of GIMP you are using, and on what
platform. Mentioning the printer brand and model would be useful too.

On GNU/Linux or Mac OS, Gutenprint does a very fine job for

Anyway, any printing software manages itself the conversion from RGB to
CMYK. However, they need some information, in the form of ICC profiles.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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