On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 11:40 AM, Walter S. <for...@gimpusers.com> wrote:
> Hi there. Thanks for allowing me to join this forum. I have been using Gimp
> for some time, but now that I have got as far as printing out some of my work
> I have come across a snag.
> I could not understand why the print was so much darker than the image on the
> monitor. Having scanned the help files in Gimp, I find the information, that
> this is because the monitor is showing the image in RGB,but the actual
> printout is in CMYK.
> I am wrestling with the logic of this and failing to comprehend why it should
> be. I am hoping that there is a way of resolving this tremendous mis-match. Is
> there any Gimp knowledgeable member out there who could fill me in on the way
> to overcome this difference? I sure hope so. Many thanks. cypher000

Try preparing the image in GIMP, then printing from GIMP and also
another program - compare the results.

There are issues with RGB->CMYK conversion in any program, but this
test will at least let you know if GIMP's print plug-in is to blame
for skewing the colors, or if you've just chosen colors that are out
of gamut.

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