To, perhaps, clarify earlier posts, I do run Gimp in both Ubuntu 8.10 and
Windows XP.  My leaning towards XP these days is because the RAW converter
software that came with my camera (Sony A700) seems to be better than anything
else in converting RAW files faithfully from the camera, and allows me to use
very high ISO with minimal noise (well, the converter does the best job at
controlling noise that results from high ISO).  I could, I guess, do all my
conversions from a session, switch into Linux, and use Gimp to edit/print from
there - that's a bit of a hassle, though.

In Linux, the newest version of Turbo Print is working very well, and is the
only means I have found by which to make full use of my i960's features.  If
you haven't tried the latest version of TP, you might want to download it for
a 30-day spin.

I don't run OO on my XP machine, and use it infrequently on the Linux side -
just me.  Don't need it in Ubuntu to print photos, since I own Turbo Print for

I've tried developing in Linux using UFRaw.  For normal exposures, its fine. 
For noisy ones, not so good.  There seems to be a newer version for Windows
that does ok.  If I could get the latest versions of everything to all work in
the same OS, I'd be in heaven.  Sony's software works in Windows only.

Gimp works fine in Windows, but can't print.  UFRAW handles noise in Windows,
but not in Linux.

Windows, Gimp, Sony software, PS to print seems to be my solution for now. 
More integrated days will come, I'm sure.

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