On Friday 03 April 2009, Gracia M. Littauer wrote:
>On Friday 03 April 2009 09:55:34 Helen wrote
>> Actually, you didn't say you use linux, so it was a reasonable
>> question.
>I did say I used Linux, in a rather convoluted way, I will admit.
>> I use
>> only linux, and get prints that are shown and sometimes are sold in
>> art galleries.
>BUT YOU PRINT FROM OO not gimp & have complained to me often about gimp
>The question I asked or thought I asked was about printing from GIMP in
>linux. I only have a problem with gimp as do you and quite a few others
>as I noticed from the thread.
>I admit I have an old (but great) wide epson stylus 3000 printer and
>have found some help from Krawitz, the gutenprint head honcho, on
>upping the color density so my prints from OO (in linux) are OK, but
>not as great as from PhotoShop on my windows laptop.
>So my question still stands...do people find printing FROM gimp in Linux
>bad? & for those who think I'm a troll or haven't tested...I'm a rather
>attractive tall old broad & have used CUPS, gutenprint 5.

You left yourself wide open with that one.  I'm 74.  But gravity has pulled 
the 17" neck I used to have, down to someplace hidden behind my navel.  To 
call me a bit 'portly' would be kind.

As for the troll?  Nope.

I'll go you one better, though, I can prove it.  See

The pix is now 5 years old, but that's me & the better half, and there is more 
below the pix.

While using the gutenprint plugin for gimp, I have made color prints from 
weddings etc, on an elderly epson C82 4 color printer, on good mat paper that 
I have sold, several times.  Epsons inks are pricey but pretty accurate.

>Never occured to me to DL gimp to window machine & try printing. Seemed
>conter productive since I'd have to move photo from one machine to the
>other. I do almost all my work on Linux box...just keep windows laptop
>for the few things that haven't migrared to linux.

Heh, yeah, I have one of those too, dual boots xp and linux.  Mainly used when 
I'm on the road, putting out technical fires at some tv station.  Broadcast 
engineering has been my bread supplier for about 47 years now. The lappy is  
probably 14 months cold ATM.  And that is the only winders machine on the 
premises, 1 out of 6, the other 5 are running.  But one of those 5 is running 
nitros9, so I'll see how much you know about 'legacy' computers. :)

Cheers, Gene
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