I've been getting the digest from this "user list" and I'm completely
confused. I've also submitted a question but received no response.

I read in the latest Digest that this is a "mailing list", not a "message
board". I don't understand the difference, and I don't understand how
problems that are presented and answered are "mailing list" items as opposed
to a "forum/message board" that addresses problems. Am I using the wrong
service to obtain help in using Gimp? An explanation would be helpful,
instead of just "dead air". 

My most recent issue was about being able to select text in an existing
object and change its color without having to do the graphic all over again.
I'm using  Windows XP Pro SP2 with Firefox. 
I have an animated .GIF file combined with a .JPEG file and with a text box.
I need to change the color of the text only, and want to make it as simple
as possible. I have been unable to "select" the text in the text box in
order to change it, although the text toopl box opens correctly, but I can't
get any of the items in it to work. I made a copy of the original picjj

Any clarification and/or help you can give me would be appreciated.

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