>Hi Maureen,
>On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 5:00 AM, Maureen <emaure...@msn.com> wrote:
>> I've been getting the digest from this "user list" and I'm completely
>> confused. I've also submitted a question but received no response.
>> I read in the latest Digest that this is a "mailing list", not a "message
>> board". I don't understand the difference, and I don't understand how
>> problems that are presented and answered are "mailing list" items as
>> to a "forum/message board" that addresses problems. Am I using the wrong
>> service to obtain help in using Gimp? An explanation would be helpful,
>> instead of just "dead air".
>You are subscribed to the mailing list correctly. The only way there
>is of 'doing it wrongly' is using the forum interface provided,
>against developers wishes, by gimpusers.com.
>The differences between a message board and a mailing list are many.
>The most important one, and the reason why the gimpusers forum
>interface is so broken, is that forums typically have 'flat' threading
>the first post is the 'parent' post, and all following posts on the
>subject are 'child' posts (so there is only one level of nesting);
>Whereas mailing lists are just systems to relay emails to a list of
>people, and so they have all the normal, complete, infinitely-nestable
>threading capabilities inherent in email, which tends to make it much
>more clear who was replying to who.
>This difference is mainly what has been causing the trouble (some
>emails not showing up on the gimpusers.com 'message board', confusion
>about who is quoting whom by users of the gimpusers.com 'message
>In one instance, someone asked a question via gimpusers.com 'boards',
>could not see any of the 4 replies posted (by people who were actually
>genuinely subscribed to the mailing list), and later posted saying
>"Anyone?". I went to the trouble of signing up at gimpusers.com in
>order to tell him 'Stop that, and subscribe to the mailing list like
>an ordinary sane person!'.
>Just to make it completely clear -- if your email address when posting
>to this list shows up as "YOURNAME <for...@gimpusers.com>", you are
>accessing this list through the gimpusers forums. Otherwise, you are
>not doing so (and should therefore experience no strange behaviours
>arising from the message board software trying to pretend that
>gimp-user is a message board rather than a mailing list).
>For example, someone named 'Nyt' recently posted using the gimpusers
>forum interface, in the thread named 'shutdown'
>I hope that helps,
Now, I'm confused.  Should I not be posting by signing on to the forum and
typing responses?  I have to type in the two word display to "prevent
automatic spam postings".  So, am I going about it wrongly?

What should I be doing?

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