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> As for your original question.
> if you have 4800x9600 ppi, and you scan an inch square of material,
> you will end up with 4800x9600 pixels.  Thus the question if you are
> having a laugh, as your question seemed trivial.

I am really sorry you see my questions as trivial, they are not meant to
be. Much of my difficulty is one of understanding the terminology used.
For example and, assuming I understand correctly, if I scan a photograph
which is, say, 5 inches square and then display that scan on my monitor,
it will measure 24,000 pixels X 48,000 pixels. To test this on my rather
cheap Canon LIDE20 I scanned a picture which is 5 inches square saved
the file, opened the file in GIMP, cropped so that only the picture was
there and GIMP said it was 729 pixels X 729 pixels.

Please explain and, just in case you think I am some youngster trying to
get his homework done, I was 81 years old last birthday.


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