* norman <nor...@littletank.org> [04-07-09 10:40]:
> I am really sorry you see my questions as trivial, they are not meant
> to be. Much of my difficulty is one of understanding the terminology
> used. 

yes, there are several aspects to consider.

> For example and, assuming I understand correctly, if I scan a
> photograph which is, say, 5 inches square and then display that scan
> on my monitor, it will measure 24,000 pixels X 48,000 pixels. 

that is correct

> To test this on my rather cheap Canon LIDE20 I scanned a picture which
> is 5 inches square saved the file, opened the file in GIMP, cropped so
> that only the picture was there and GIMP said it was 729 pixels X 729
> pixels.

cropped?  that changes the size and the size gimp reports  :^)

> Please explain and, just in case you think I am some youngster trying to
> get his homework done, I was 81 years old last birthday.

Well, from a 68 year old youngster, you have a falicy in your
comparison.  Your monitor displays as xx ppi, usually between 72 and
100, so the image appears very large as you scanned to 24000 ppi.  If
it is being displayed at 100 ppi, that makes the full image 240 inches
wide  :^)

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