Hi Jay,

On 08 Apr 09 15:07 Jay Smith <j...@jaysmith.com> said:
> I _am_ speaking of the pneumonics in dialogs that open as the result
> of some action.
> I am _not_ speaking of accessing the main menus of programs (for 
> which you _do_ need to use the ALT key).
> Every Windows program I have ever used, from Win311 to Win95* to 
> Win98* to WinME* to W2Kpro* to WinXPpro* [The * o/s are currently 
> installed and available to me in virtualized form for testing and 
> verification] did as I expect.... they DO accept the use of single 
> letter pneumonics in those types of dialogs.  The same has been true
> for RedHat Linux and SCO Unixware that I have used.

I haven't been following the full details of this thread, but I can 
confirm that my systems works as you report and that I do not regard 
this as standard behaviour for a Windows Application.

I am running GIMP 2.6.5 under WinXP Home SP3

Greg Chapman
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