On Thu, 2009-04-09 at 22:17 -0400, Evan Kroske wrote:
> Hello GIMP users,
>     I'm going to be developing a batch image processor plugin for GIMP, 
> and I'd like to know which functions should be the first on my list. 
> Obviously, scaling is the first priority, because I use that to optimize 
> pictures for my websites. However, past that, I'm not sure which 
> functions are the most used. Should I add ...
> ... cropping?
> ... layer management? (eg. adding a layer with a signature to a whole 
> bunch of pictures)
> ... filters?
> ... color management?
> ... or something else?
> I would like to add all of those functions, but I will probably only get 
> two or three of these actions enabled. What are the most important 
> functions for you?

I have never done this sort of thing but, from what I have learned, the
last thing I would do is sharpen the image and the step before that
would be to size the image. What you do before that is up to you but you
certainly should crop early in the process.

Hope this helps.


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