D> Has anyone run into a good online tutorial on icon creation with GIMP?
D> Any tricks on resizing icons from 64 to 32, or changing colors?

I normally use imageMagick w/bash for batch processing, but I ran across
Dave's Batch Processor for Gimp, and thought others might find it

I found some helpful information on icon creation at the Tango
project, specifically the suggested workflow.

I had my base icons at 64x64, and wanted to resize to 32x32 and change
the main colors, like red to green. The resizing part is the hardest.
I'm not sure it can be done without touchup. The FX-Foundry has Step
Resize, and that seems to do a better job than just resizing once. I
just couldn't seem to get good results w/imageMagick, no matter what
filter I used. I tried using InkScape (import/export) to see if that
made any difference. I used Gimp's Colors->Map->Rotate Colors to
change the basic color scheme.  I've always wanted to use Gimp to
create all kinds of icons for applications.


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