I've received a few mails from students asking about the status of their 
applications, and whether the lack of public comments does indicate if they 
have been rejected or are ineligible.

I'd like to reply as follows:

Number of projects

Currently, GIMP has been given five slots for students projects by Google. Six 
of our mentors have found suitable projects among the proposals, and thus I 
have asked Google for an additional slot. 

All available slots have been distributed, however, so getting an additional 
one does depend on other orgs donating slots back - and Google's preference is 
to rather give organizations with less than five slots additional ones.

Assume that we get five slots and have selected five projects out of 43.

Status of applications

We didn't add many public comments to any proposal. The existence or lack of 
public comments does not tell anything about the status, unless one of the 
comments does mention it explicitly. All applications have been reviewed.

Yesterday, Martin has posted our current favorites. 

We are currently waiting for the duplicate resolution meeting tomorrow on April 
15 (this is where students applied to more than one organizations do get 
assigned to one of them). After that, our favorites list should be mostly 

Google will announce the official list of accepted students on April 20. Until 
then, nothing is really fixed.

We've only had very few applications (6 out of 49) that were ineligible - some 
because they did not contain anything we asked for in our application template, 
and some because their topic was totally out of our scope.

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