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> >What I really want to get is the Print Size in Image > Image Properties
> >displayed in mm rather than inches, but in trying to find 
> [. . .]
> I too needed a display different from the default one. I wanted it to display
> in picas. Could not find a solution so far. However as far as I could
> understand it is related to the selection of units in the OS. GIMP refers to
> the unit as 'real world' units.

Every time in GIMP you have a dimension in some dialog, there is besides
a small menu for changing the unit. The only special cases are the image
window rulers, where the unit is the same as indicated by the unit menu
in the status bar, ... and the Image Properties you are referring to.
However, you can know the print size in any unit you want by using Image
> Print Size.


                        Olivier Lecarme
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