Hi DJ,

On Thu, Apr 16, 2009 at 10:28 AM, DJ <delphit...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> It may not appear like it, but yeh.  Sorry.
> I'm hitting PF1 all the time to get specific doc too.
> I do a google site search for terms too.
> I didn't quite know what you meant by "Cursor" dockable. So I checked
>  Windows -> Dockable Dialogs, and didn't see that terminology. A friend

Eh, maybe it is called 'Pointer' dockable. I don't use GIMP in the
English language, but Lojban.
The menu item in question appears after Undo History and before Sample
Points in the menu.


I noticed that pressing Shift+F1 over the 'Pointer' menu item only
gives the 'EEK! Missing help' page. This is probably a bug in the
docs, since the relevant page does actually exist.

>  I scrolled across the image. That checkbox option eluded me...

Such an option is not available in GIMP. If you would like it, I
suggest making a mockup and submitting it to
However, the Pointer dockable works fine for me for this purpose, on
the rare occasions I need it.

Do you have a good reason for replying only to me rather than the
list? It makes the thread on the mailing list appear disjointed.
Here, I use 'Reply to All' to reply to messages from mailing lists,
and this is effective.

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