Gary Collins wrote:

> For me, one of the greatest hindrances to migrating to GIMP is its 
> inability to handle layered TIFF files. I have a large number of such 
> files, with zip compression, and I really don't wan't to have to 
> change this format, because for one thing my preferred picture viewer 
> can handle layered TIFF files but can't handle GIMP format (at least, 
> not yet. I have put in a request to the author and it is possible that 
> in future this capability may be added) and for another thing, TIFF 
> with zip compression seems to provide the most compact lossless format 
> for layered files. Any chance that the ability to load/save layered 
> TIFF files (with zip compression) might appear in a future version of 

 I tried various methods to convert a multi-layered TIFF I created using
Krita, but none of those would open in Gimp. I actually converted the
TIFF to PSD using ImageMagick, but Gimp complained about an unknown
compression type in layers.

You may want to try this TIFF specific mailing list:

Maybe you can get a hint there on how to go about converting
your images.



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