wanted to uninstall 2.6.6 and return to 2.6.5 but that
 version appears not to
 be available any more. I love Gimp but this is very
 Mike E.

Ok since you do not tell which OS you use, you have problem with last build and 
you failed to trace the installer of 2.6.5 for sure you use Windows XP or Vista

On another forum i receive everyday complains about the Windows version of gimp 
2.6.6,(some here http://www.gimptalk.com/forum/gimp-2-6-6-released--t38430.html 
much others in the help forum) i too had to unistall 2.6.6 because really too 
buggy (is not the same for Linux seems something very wrong in the win build ).

BUT SOLVE IS EASY just unistall and get gimp 2.6.5 from here


I give you the direct link because for Windows users seems very hard find
older Gimp installer in the Gimp for Windows-Sourceforge  labyrinth.

In your case should be not needed a clean install, but i will not try to 
overwrite 2.6.6 

instead Unistall first and then run the new installer

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