Google has announced the official list of students accepted for Summer
of Code 2009. They are listed on the organizations' pages, linked from

For GIMP & GEGL, the six accepted projects are:

Title:   Better nonlinear resampler with built-in antialiasing (GEGL)
Student: Adam Turcotte
Mentor:  Nicolas Robidoux
Title:   Fast Adaptive Resampler Tailored For Transformations Which     
         Mostly Downsample (GEGL)
Student: eric daoust    
Mentor:  Nicolas Robidoux
Title:   Improve Foreground Selection Tool
Student: Jie Ding
Mentor:  Gerald Friedland

Title:   OpenGL GPU-based Buffer & Operations in GEGL
Student: Jerson Michael Perpetua
Mentor:  Martin Nordholts
Title:   Proposal - Advanced GUI for brush dynamics (GIMP)
Student: Zhenfeng Zhao
Mentor:  Kaja Liiv

Title:   Performance tools and study of GEGL
Student: Henrik Akesson
Mentor:  john cupitt

Congratulations to all students who are accepted. Keep up the good work
during your projects!


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