I may answer only to question 2 this
> In FX-Foundry, the name is: phillips-quick-sketch.scm
> Last update according to internal comments: 9/9/2007
> In Gimp-Registry, the name is: quick-sketch_0.scm
> Last update according to internal comments: 2/9/2009
> The changes made by a different person than the
> originator.
> Should I expect to see duplication between FX-Foundry and
> the Gimp
> Registry? The Gimp Registry is the "official" add-on
> location,
> correct?
> Link: registry.gimp.org/node/5921
> Link: sourceforge.net/projects/gimpfx-foundry
> Thank you.

FX Foundry constantly update scripts for newer Gimp version so 2 very different 
thing may happen

1) in case of not more maintained script (that means very often) the FX-foundry 
version is the most up to date

2) in the opposite case, when the script author is taking care to maintain and 
update his scripts then may happen the opposite, that his version is the most 
up to date

About the "officiality" of the plugin registry do not be confused, nobody 
obliged plugin developer to report there their plugin or script, many do, many 
other do not care, 

in this last  case user may help, if you check my account there you may see 
that i added to registry the FX-Foundry pack you refer, The Gimp Animation 
Package, the David Batch Processor ,UnsharpMask2, and several other plugin and 

I'm not the developer of any of them, when i somehow help was just to find
compiled binary for Windows...But i added all them  to the registry because 
they was missed 

(obviously is better if is the author to add them to the registry, the point is 
if that do not happen, and the script/plugin is GPL, users may help,( obviously 
taking care of the credits, and to add a link to the author page ,if any)

Back to the point in YOUR CASE suggest to use fx-FOUNDRY NOT TO GET THE WHOLE 

For that you may use the  fx-foundry -index, all fx-foundry scripts are tagged 
for name, author name and categorized ,that will help your search and help   
avoid to download duplicates of script that you already have, but under a 
slightly different names.

Note that 2 clone of same script may....hum..to simplify the concept 2 clones 
may kill each other so practically both will NOT work .(or only one randomly 
chosen  will work, )

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