I'm happy to announce the release of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP.


G'MIC is a open-source and quite complete image processing framework
containing its own image processing language and interpreter, which has been
embedded as a plug-in for GIMP.

The plug-in proposes then a lot of different filters for the user, for
applying various effects such as image deformations, enhancement, color
manipulation, 3D rendering and so on... The plug-in is really extensible and
users can write new effects directly included in the plug-in filter list. The
interesting thing is that each effect can be automatically previewed. It
particularly has nice smoothing algorithms for image noise removal (G'MIC is
in fact the continuation of the former GREYCstoration plug-in :
http://cimg.sourceforge.net/greycstoration/ ).

This release corrects many bugs of the previous versions and add interesting
features, such as  a better control of the filters input/output, a lot of new
effects (particularly for layer blending), a better preview window, ...

The plug-in is available from the web page above for Linux32, Linux64 and
Win32 architectures. I'm looking for some help to compile it for Win64 and Mac
OS X platforms. You are welcome to contact me if you are interested to do

Hope this is an interesting information, I really think this release brings
interesting stuffs.


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